Staking & Governance
Stake your TSC to unlock voting power for governance and to earn additional rewards


Users can stake TokenSwap Coin (TSC) to earn staking rewards. Staked TSC wields governance voting power. Users can use their governance voting power to cast votes on on-going governance proposals. Staked TSC must be unstaked before it can be swapped or transferred.

Unstake & withdraw cooldown period

Users that want to withdraw their staked TSC will need to unstake their TSC and wait for a cooldown period of 2016 blocks on the BSV network which is about ~14 days. After the cooldown period has passed the unstaked TSC can be withdrawn. Users can decide whether their want to unstake partial or full amount of their staked TSC balance.
During the cooldown period staked tokens do not carry governance voting power and are not eligible for staking rewards.

Voting on governance proposals

Users can use governance voting power from their staked TSC to vote on the outcome of each on-going governance proposal listed in the Vote section on TokenSwap. Governance proposals are independent of eachother and users can cast votes to multiple governance proposals at the same time.
Voting on a governance proposal is only possible when the voting is on-going. The voting starts at a specified BSV block height and ends at a specified BSV block height. Each governance proposal has a minimum voting count, a proposal can only be passed if this quota is reached.
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