Liquidity Mining
Provide Liquidity and get LP token:
As we have disclosed in TSC Tokenomics, 60% of total TSC supply will be distributed through liquidity mining. Everyone can mine TSC by staking their LP token into staking contract. So first users have to provide liquidity to respective pairs and get LP token, take BSV/USDT pair as example, after providing liquidity to BSV/USDT pair pool, you will be able to see inside both your Volt wallet and on left side of your TS pool page.

Farm TSC

You can stake your BSV/USDT LP and farm TSC on Farm page after get your LP token, select the pair that you have provided liquidity with and deposit your LP token, you will start earning TSC after depositing LP token into the contract. 'Cropt' means your TSC yield, you can click 'Harvest' to withdraw your yield into your wallet.
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Farm TSC